History of Bingo And Terminologies Used

Bingo as we all know is played for fun, for cash and prizes too. They are played at Casino, nursing and retirement homes and even churches too. During childhood many of us would have played this game. Have you ever wondered how this game originated and where? The below sections provide you an overview of the wonderful history of the game we all love – Bingo.

Ancient History and Origins

Bingo had its roots to lottery. In Italy during 1530 a lottery game called as "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia," was played every Saturday
and the surprising fact is that it is played even today. From Italy this game travelled to France around 1770 and was played
by rich Frenchmen. The Germans later in 1880 adapted it for kids to help them learn Maths, history and spelling. In U.S around 1929,
a game called as “beano” was played at county fairs where a dealer would pick numbered discs from a cigar box and winning player would yell “beano”.

Edwin S. Lowe

Edwin S. Lowe was a toy salesman who launched it at a carnival in Atlanta. He renamed the game as Online bingo sites as he accidently heard someone shout beano as bingo. Seeing the popularity and interest of people he joined hands with mathematician Carl Leffler to produce around 6000 bingo cards. This was also done because there were cases arising where there were more than one winner per game and this led to confusion. With so many card combinations it became virtually impossible for more than one person to win and reduced the odds of repetition. He then started a company and produced Bingo cards.

Tallyho Inn

Boyed by the popularity Lowe built a casino hotel called as Tallyho Inn at Las Vegas. Bingo has been one of the games offered by Casinos since then. It is estimated that around 90 Million dollars are spent per week in North America for this game.Thus the wonderful game of bingo had become very popular, it is one of the main entertainment events still at retirement and nursing facilities.

However with modern day advent of technology and today’s youth getting addicted to television, movies and video games, the popularity of bingo is on the decline.To arrest the decline many casinos have come up with eBingo centres where a player can play bingo with a computer at his own pace. Bingo can also be played online these days, thus attracting the modern day people.